10 Flyer Printing Tips Generate Massive Sales Carpet Cleaning


When you are trying to compete with the “big boys” who saturated the market all around the nation’s carpet cleaning flyers, promotional strategies will help you learn to beat them at their own game . To make the name synonymous with the carpet cleaning in the local market in the next 10 flyer printing ideas for generating massive sales of carpet cleaning.

Take advantage of free professional templates

, the free flyer design templates, if limited advertising budget. If you have a carpet cleaning company there is no reason to be limited to a small ad campaigns. There are free templates designed by professional graphic designers to get online using proven marketing strategies.

Color captivated the attention

Color flyers grab the attention of a professional, and are more likely to keep on hand. Surveys show that consumers toss out boring ads, ads and keep quality in the future. A consumer who gets the flyer does not need carpet cleaning today, but in the future! Make it easy for them to hold the leaflets.

Branding – # 1 Marketing Technique

Everyone’s heard of carpet cleaning companies like Stanley Steamer. That is because they have been “branded” the market is flooded with advertising. Use your flyers brand company in the market are trying to achieve. Create a slogan that people will remember for years!

Free Carpet Care Tips

In order to keep the flyer will be read and offers some carpet care tips! A few well-placed carpet care tips so that customers can refer to from time to time in almost ensure that the flyer will be practical.

Optional services

Select an optional service that you provide, such as steam cleaning upholstery and draperies. Customers may be the area that they think they need to use the “big boys” of the additional services. If you have to flaunt it!

Free Bonus Services Carpet deodorizers, Carpet Protection

Everyone likes to get something for nothing, that’s a fact! Free bonus features multi-room carpet cleaning tasks. Some ideas to generate massive sales would be to free mats to protect the carpet deodorizing treatments or high target area.

Introductory Discount – Coupon

use the flyer to highlight introductory discount coupons or promotions already underway. Again, everyone loves to get something for nothing, or save a few dollars whenever possible. Rake the dollar, helping them save a few!

Advertise the fact that you are reliable

Many people are reluctant to let strangers in their own homes. This is probably one of the biggest reasons why customers call the big chains. They are licensed and bonded and fully insured. Use your flyer to tell the customer will be permitted and insured, but even more importantly, to ensure your own community!


Reports Higher Education Response rates

Some of the recommendations are well-placed flyers to his credit. Other clients in the same community and help guarantee the reliability and trustworthiness of the company. Many consumers also recognize the names of friends and neighbors who have benefited from the service. This is the “word-of-mouth” in print!

Distribution – Distribution – Distribution

Most printing will help solve the marketing dilemma market area. In many cases, it costs less than a first-class stamp to them direct mail flyers for you. Talk about setting up your printer targeted market allocation and keep those flyers went out at regular intervals.

This 10-flyer printing tips will help you to generate huge sales for the carpet cleaning company. Professional, high quality flyer does not have to be expensive, but they can “brand” your name in the market area. Use
free flyer templates , or create your own design online, take advantage of the marketing techniques that generate sales.


Source by Chris Barr

Become a Top Wedding Planner – Calculate the cost of a Wedding Planning Business Startup


want to start a wedding planning business, but not sure how much money you should get looked at? Need to calculate the cost, you need to know what to buy. Here is a list of expenses arise. The actual costs are determined by things like the charges associated with starting a business in the field and the office equipment and supplies you already have and do not have to buy it.

administrative costs

bank charges

you will incur a monthly fee for a business checking account and you will need to purchase checks.

Business Insurance

Talk to your insurance agent or broker to find out how much it will cost to liability insurance for your business.

Business License

Check with your local government offices to find out the cost of a license to operate a business in the area. If it works out in your home, there may be some additional fees are to be paid to the city government.

Business name registration

county government offices charge a fee for business name registration. Ask your County Clerk’s office to find out the rate.

Professional Services

You need to talk to an accountant or lawyer to decide on the best entity for your business. You can say the extra costs if they choose to incorporate or have an LLC.

office space and furniture


Office space can be rented space in a commercial building, or if you just work out of your home. If you choose to have a home office, when you first start your business, like many people, you do not have to pay rent and you can make a tax write-offs. Ask your accountant for information.


Whether in the office at home or in a rented space, you’ll need a table, chair, printer stand or table, shelves and filing cabinets. Because at home, it may be able to get away with less furniture when there is still some space in the closet with shelves.



You will need a computer, you can dedicate to your business. You need to be able to keep customer information private and do not want the possibility of someone accidentally deletes the documents.


purchase software that allows you to write documents, keep a calendar, and create a table, most wedding planners Microsoft Office. You may also want to accounting software such as QuickBooks. If you intend to create or update your website, you will need a web design program. There is special software for wedding and event planners use when planning events.


You will want to be able to print documents and maybe some marketing material. There are both laser and inkjet printers available. Check the cost of replacing the ink cartridge before you invest in a printer. A cheap printer cartridges are very expensive.

Internet Service

High-speed Internet access is a telephone company or a cable company is the best because you can research sites and vendors on the Internet and want to be able to quickly.

Telephone Line Voicemail

It is best to have a land phone line dedicated to business. Many people use mobile phones, but the reception is not always reliable. Calling allows frustrating that people do business with you. Also you get your voicemail on the line and record a professional business greeting that people hear when you’re away.

Cell Phone

Get a mobile phone access when working outside the office weddings.


contracts necessary signatures and fax is usually between suppliers and customers, so it is advisable that an actual fax machine. The alternative is a printer that is also a scanner and the ability to fax.



It should be a presence on the Web. You have to pay for the services of a web designer, you can not design a professional looking website. You will also need a web hosting company.

business card

You need to hire a designer or design cards himself and the press, which can be found in local or online. You will want a professional card, so stay away from the ones that print on your computer.

Marketing Material

Some wedding planners to invest in printed brochures and other marketing materials. If so, you need to hire designers and printers. Again, stay away from doing them yourself at home if you have the talent and tools to make them look professionally done.


Source by Sharon Hill

Color Changing Mechanism Explained


There are two ways to produce thermochromic effect. The first through the use of liquid crystals. Depending thermochromic crystals are very specific molecular structures on the temperature, and thus rearranged in various ways, such as temperature changes. Since these crystals are rearranged so no way reflect light and color. The other contains include materials that change color depending on the temperature, where the chemical breaking capsules containing micro when passing a certain temperature threshold before changing color. The mechanism is a scientific miracle, but the application of these thermochromic elements, which is both entertaining and surprising. Here are some of the best applications color-changing layer.

Thermochromic dyes are

These dyes can be applied to all kinds of materials and a low threshold color change, which is a very dynamic transformation. Color-shifting inks with low threshold can be printed on shirts that change color depending on the temperature, sunlight, etc., resulting in a tie-dye effect, which can be very visually striking, or a subtle change, depending on the contrast of thermochromically activated layer and the original color.

thermochromic Layering

Thermochromism not always have to have a change of two colors. You can also switch between color and transparency, which has been used in practical applications, such as new-to-market Print card. These cards are sold in the “personality” with hand prints may be left on the surface, revealing the colorful background with white foreground. In reality, an image is positioned above a thermochromic layer. The heat of a human hand activates the chemical, which then shifts to the transparency.

thermochromic paper

Thermochromism is not limited to the entertainment / aesthetic purposes. Color Changing paper demonstrates the utility business color-changing materials. Thermal printers are able to produce a high resolution image of chemically treated paper. Thermal barcode printers are the most common applications. The chemically treated paper fed into the printer before the thermal print head to produce an image of the paper. As micro elements heat up quickly and cool the thermal print head, the exposure is to produce black on white (sometimes red, depending on the chemical treatment). Example of ZM400-2001-0100T Zebra thermal printer capable of producing hundreds of fully Inkless label, thermochromic process. In such applications, thermochromism allows for more efficient and cleaner printing process.


Source by David D Westgrove

Brochure Design Checklist for beginners


, businesses and organizations of all types and sizes use brochures to promote their products and services. A properly designed brochure can be a very useful and versatile tool for marketing because it allows plenty of space in which to convey the message to the reader. Many companies and organizations use the services of a professional graphic artist to design their brochures, but many small business owners are faced with the task of creating their own marketing brochures and do not know how to begin. Below is a list of guides you through the process of designing your own brochure.

Focus on your target audience

Before we begin to lay out the layout design, first you need to zero in on the target audience. Think of a group trying to achieve, and it will help you develop the content of the publication that grabs your attention. Learn what motivates your customers and the use of copy and images in a message that appeals specifically to them.


A well-designed cover is the most important part of the publication, so you will not attract the attention of your target readers and presents exclusive offer immediately. A good brochure cover for the reader to want more. Bold headlines and eye-catching photos or images is essential. Presenting a unique selling proposition of the cover to entice the audience to learn more about the products and services, and what makes the company’s offer is not only different, but better than the competition.

info-packed Headlines and subheads

Many people look at print and only skim the headlines and subheads, to gather the necessary information. This is why it is vital that the publication of headlines and subheads clearly and concisely gives the information you want the audience to know. It is enough information in the headlines and subheadings to convey the message even if the target audience does not read the body copy.

Body Copy

The body copy should be focused on the target market of printed publications and how it can meet your specific needs. Use language that is conversational and deliver the offer in a way that connects with readers, and easy to understand.

High-quality graphics and photos

very easily into professional photos and images to print. The use of stock images is one way to professional photos. If you are using your own photos, for sure there are very good quality. If possible, use the services of a professional photographer photographs the company. Well worth the investment.

Drive options

There are many choices of paper size and folding options when you print the publication. Folding options include a Z-fold, Tri-fold Accordian Fold and Half Fold or Bi-to name just a few. Whatever the size of paper and folding options you select can be determined by use of the content and images to the design.

Easy-to-read fonts

is extremely important that you use a font or typeface in print that is easy to read. For best results, no more than two or three different versions of a single font or font family in design. In order to enable the publication to be a very bright look, the whole in accordance with using the same font for all the headlines, the other in the text and perhaps a third photo of the subtitles.

awareness Subtitles

Caption should be simple and concise, to avoid clutter. People tend to read labels so make sure that both compelling and persuasive.

There is an “action”

Every good print contains a certain “Call To Action”. What do you want your customers to do? If you want the “Order” -say so! Want to “Call for an appointment today,” or perhaps “Visit our website”? Decide on the “Call Action” and state clearly to readers.

Select brochure printing

Generally, the online printing companies are less expensive than local printers, but shop around and find a variety of online printers before you choose to print out brochure. Look for an online printing quality guarantee, low prices and fast delivery. Read customer reviews online to find a printer that prints the best job of this publication.


Source by Kimberly DeMarsh

4 Benefits of Packaging Execution System (PES)


The packaging execution systems (PES) is essential for the efficiency and accuracy of the identification process packaging business. Package Implementation System allows you to centrally monitor and control all activities related to packaging identification procedure. All classes of business – accounting, inventory, finance and marketing – have access to data packaging identification procedure.

1. Meet track and trace needs and extends regulatory and audit requirements

The PES demands meeting with track and trace elements will be easier than ever. Package delivery systems departments to link business package identification procedure. If the accounting department offers easy access to the company’s packaging information, including in-depth break downs cost and revenue reporting, you will be able to meet the regulatory and supervisory requirements for transparency, honesty – and without breaking a sweat.

2. Simplify labeling one size fits printer brands and models

The PES will simplify labeling printer brands and models in all formats within the organization. Consistent and accurate labeling is essential for traceability of the products. In the event of a recall, the construction of the packaging system will be able to identify which items or groups of products affected. Specifically, through the labeling of packaging execution systems means that you can quickly and easily be able to handle any recall situations that may arise.

3. Is it true end-to-end serialization solution

End-to-end serialization allows you to access business data stored in each number. A real-time, end-to-end supply chain of serialization are critical for the entire business. Packaging systems by implementing end-to-end serialization, enables you to increase supply chain efficiency, and protect the brand.

End-to-end serialization allows the company to quickly and efficiently manage call-back situations. Recalls can be disastrous, costing the organization thousands of dollars in profit, fines, and may also mean the possibility of losing the business. The packaging system of implementing end-to-end serialization allows you to breathe more easily if a recall is the case.

recalls also affect consumer confidence in the brand. Trust is earned, but it is difficult to regain once it has been lost. In the case that the call-back, the body may lose a large amount of loyal customers who no longer trust the product. When a recall situation is handled competently and in a manner that allows customers to see that you care about their health, loyal customers affected by the recall are more likely to return.

4. eliminate manual data entry errors

Where a firm has always enter data manually, you know that human error is common. In today’s fast-paced market, there is no time to make up for human error. The PES will make sure to eliminate human error in the packaging identification procedure. A man will be managed by a single packaging line computer interface, reducing the number of manual intervention and greatly reduced the number of errors, the pack identification line.

If you continue to use a number of manual processes to manage the process of identification of packaging, the packaging execution system. If protecting the health of consumers, the brand identity and your pocket book is important to you, then packaging execution system could be the solution you are looking for it.


Source by Rogelio Castillo

Flyer Printing – The Pros and Cons of Taking Advantage Flyers


When the enterprise, there is no arguing the importance of marketing. Marketing, not only are you reaching your target market, but it also gives you an edge over their competitors. So before you can hope to succeed in business, you will need a sound marketing strategy. It’s a good thing that the businessmen also have a number of options when it comes to this point. Probably the most common way to advertise a product or service marketing flyers. The main objective of the leaflets to the customers’ attention to new products, services or special offers. If you plan to print flyers in business, you need to know about its pros and cons.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your new business, or perhaps an upcoming promotion, you can not go wrong flyer printing. And unlike other types of advertising, you will not have to spend a lot when flyers. Print flyers are relatively cheap these days, especially if you find a printer that can give you a good deal. You can print the flyers in black and white or color. However, if you want your flyers to increase the response rate, it is highly recommended that you print in color. You can also choose to print a flyer on a home printer and photocopying through mass produced, although you can not expect a lot of quality.

Marketing business through flyers to target customers more accurate way. First, you select the location where to distribute the flyers, you just have to identify the places where your target market can usually be found. Once you know who your target customers, it gives an idea of ​​how many flyers to be printed. This will help in allocating the marketing budget more effectively. In addition, leaflets offering immediate results. If you have the attention of customers through leaflets, then surely it coming to you, and some investigation.

Similarly, brochure printing, flyers can be very effective if done right. Unfortunately, most often simply dismissed flyers to potential customers. Due to its simplicity, most people dismiss flyers that just a piece of paper. And if you fail to catch the interest of the recipient, you can easily end up in a trash bin. And this is why you should print high quality flyers, they are more likely to spark the interest of our customers. In fact, many online printing companies that can print flyers for a high response rate.


Source by Herman A Robins

Remanufactured Inkjet Toner Cartridges and Inkjet Cartridges – Why Use Them?


inkjet print cartridges are remanufactured, some of the major advantages of the new toner and ink cartridges. The refurbished inkjet print cartridges not only reduce costs for business, but also reduce the impact of discarded products on the environment to a large extent. It might be a surprising fact for most of us, but it is also true that the refurbished ink cartridges and toner cartridges for inkjet product quality is sometimes better. One very important advantage that can not be ignored at this stage of the economic recession, the support that inkjet ink and inkjet cartridges to ensure the reconstruction of the declining economy of the country.

Some Important Facts

Contrary to popular belief, these renovated tonerand Inkjet Cartridges compatible with most printers, copiers and fax machines that can be used all-in-one cartridges. However, various drums and toner imaging systems are exempt from this rule. The remanufacturing inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges includes disassembly, repair or replacement of worn or damaged parts. This includes cleaning, refilling and assembly of ink-jet cartridges and toners. This process can be repeated any number of times in the inkjet ink cartridges and inkjet print cartridges.

Environmental & Health Issues

The remanufacturing ink cartridges and ink cartridges infallible solution to many of the environmental and health issues, as it significantly reduces the amount of plastics, metals and rubber used in incinerators. In addition, the renovation of these products can save significant amounts of energy.

This is a well known fact that almost three liters of oil used in the production of a new cartridge. One should always consider the environmental benefits to be influenced by the remanufactured ink cartridges, toner cartridges, which are readily remanufactured up to four times. There is no doubt that every time an inkjet toner cartridges and inkjet ink cartridges remanufactured, the resources of the greatest benefits of compounding renovation of the environment.

Most users confirm that the remanufactured toners and ink cartridges equally well, if not better than the new ones. This better performance of remanufactured cartridges is mainly contributed by the fact that most reputable repair companies to practice high quality control measures. Gone are the days when companies used to follow the drill and fill methods to refill cartridges inadequate quality control. In today’s competitive scenario, every reputed company wants to prove its mettle through quality products and superior production measures so that follow.

remanufactured ink cartridges of ink and toner cartridges for inkjet considered a smart choice for many major companies as it reduces costs by 50 percent. Also it contains 20 percent more toner than the new ones.


In today’s world, when millions of used inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges thrown in trash bins, remanufactured inkjet cartridges, toners prove to be a good choice as help compromising the quality and performance without the cost reduction.


Source by Philip Griffiths

The aluminum frame with wooden Versus silkscreen printing


Silkscreens are usually wood or aluminum – how to choose? and whats the difference?

Beginners, amateurs, and this simple prints, the half-timbered ideal, especially in the affordable price. Any tree, silkscreens have bought no more than £ 20.00 and had a great job. But

Problems occur because if they can warp wooden regularly dipping in a water tank or sink to wash off when removing or ink, emulsion or both. I found the tree may take a while to dry. There is also a problem due to the continued use of a screen mesh material becoming worn down and relax in the frame, the frame is not to register as good as before, when the later. This makes the screens useless multicolored prints, narrower than the screen mesh to the right of the screen to register or lined with multi-colored prints.

A long frame when it gets more serious printing, or the finding that, because the timber is also continuous sauce water begin warped aluminum can beat. They may be more expensive, but it does not warp and is also stretched, and new ones often. The bedroom is simply removed from the frame and glue is a professional tool that will not damage the aluminum. The cleaned, then stretched over a frame, which gives you the ability to use the same framework for a very long time. Aluminum frame is light, which has the added bonus of being easy to handle and transport, if the purchase is quite cheap.

So if you are just starting out, try a wooden frame and do not invest too much cash, if you get the silk screening beetle (which many people seem to be), then invest in some good quality aluminum silk screens, it will last you for years and will continue to be great results, you progress to more complex multi-colored patterns and prints.


Source by B Johnston

Shop Apple Education Discount – Save 15% discounts and the Discover Cashback


a lot of online discount shopping sites offer Cash Back for Apple, and one per cent of the links “reward (1.6 offers BigCrumbs % cash back at the Apple Store and Mr. discounts offering 1% -.. But read on the specific circumstances) a discount site that is often overlooked is stored in the credit pages Regardless of points, miles, or cash back, it’s a simple way to earn everyday purchases, not just for large purchases.

After comparing the various “shops”, I found that Shop Discover (Discover Card shopping site) was the highest cash back rate buy Apple products ( 5% cash back). Since I am my own Open Road Discover card, I get 1% of return on all purchases, so the cashback discount of 6%. This may not seem like much, but if you buy a $ 1,800 laptop, it’s a nice bonus . Plus, your birthday month, you will receive double cash back bonus up to $ 500 in purchases (so you’ll get 2% to $ 500 doses instead of 1%). Make sure to sign up for the Birthday Bonus Double Cashback promotion website or by calling Discover.

So here’s how you saved 15% on the new MacBook Pro …

  1. Sign Discover Card account.

  2. Click on the “Shop Discover” and choose “Apple Store” from the drop down menu. Click “Go”.

  3. Select “Start Shopping” and a new window will open automatically, note that the Apple Store website. Do not close this window. When browsing the site, log in and begin again Discover takes the second step, otherwise you might not get in a 5% return.

  4. After Shop Discover redirected to Apple.com, click on the “Education Store” on the left hand side of the page.

  5. You must enter a name for the school, but not a student ID number, or other personal information (I “University of Southern California,” zip code “90 089”).

  6. If you type the name of the school, you will be redirected back to the Apple Store. Click on the MacBook Pro, and prices are now indicating a $ 200 discount on the two top-of-the-line MacBook Pro laptops and $ 100 discount on the other three models. Select the desired model (Note that other laptops and desktops are also discounted education pricing).

  7. If you do not make any custom settings on your laptop, scroll down and look at the printers. Even if you do not have a printer. It should be stated that there is a $ 100 rebate on the printer. I chose the Epson NX420, which is included in the $ 99.95. While you and pay taxes on it, remember that you will get 6% cash back and sell half-price Craigslist or , eBay Search for. Or give your ex so he will stick to the mug shots on the wall and throw darts them.

  8. Check if there is a free after rebate iPod Touch (or any other promotion). Although you can have the money in advance and pay tax on these items, you will get most of the cash back in the form of a refund and then selling them what they make will be more than the other marginal costs.

  9. Click the “Add” on the right and look for the Apple Care Package (three years of service). get the education discount, then this is $ 66, and anyone who has had to deal with Apple Computer problems swear by it.

  10. Click on the “Check Out Now”. Purchase of $ 50 and are eligible for Free Shipping but tax must be added.

  11. Type iTunes or Apple ID, and you’ll be taken to the payment page (click the “Guest Checkout” has recently received the pen, and I do not know what to iTunes). After filling the delivery of information, the total should appear, including taxes. … So close!

  12. Now, enter payment / shipping information. Use the same card that you logged into your Discover account. In order to make the cash back, you have to pay to the card (it sounds like a no-brainer, but then again, someone thought the earth was flat, not too long ago …).

  13. You will receive a payment confirmation immediately and Cashback bonus can be up to eight weeks to appear Discover accounts. You can either apply the bonus as a statement credit denominations of $ 50 or $ 50 denominations withdraw could buy gift cards (some 20% -50% discount).

  14. Fill out the online form to print and iPod Touch refund (no more cutting off the lid of the box and mail it!). My laptop arrived the next day, a refund check approximately 30 days, and Discover Card cash back shopping at the Apple Store showed up in my next statement.

MacBook Pro

$ 1,499.00 (full price)
$ 1,399.00 (Education discount)


$ 99.95

Apple Care

$ 249.00 (full price)
$ 183.00 (Education discount)

taxes (9.25% CA )

$ 170.94 (On Full price: $ 99.95 + $ 1,499 + $ 249)
$ 155.58 (reduced price: $ 99.95 + $ 1,399 + 183 $)

Cashback (5% from Shop Discover + 1 % of all purchases Discover Open Road)

($ 100.92)

Printer Rebate (Apple)

($ 100.00)

Printer sale (Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace , etc.)

($ 50.00)

The total cost

$ 1,868.89 (full price)
$ 1,586.61 (discounted price)

Final savings

$ 282.28 (approximately 15.1% of the total price is $ 1868.89)

Fine Print

  1. If you do not use Discover, check the card shopping site is the Apple Store, Apple’s iTunes does not.
  2. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before you buy – mine says it does not apply to the iPad (1 or 2 new or used), iTunes gift cards / certificates, exhibition services, gift – packing, etc.
  3. to print the refund (and iPod Touch refund if available), you should buy a Mac and printer on the same invoice.
  4. If no student ID, but you have to start a business or business-minded, you can apply that Apple are a business owner discount. The discount is 10% off for life, but you have to call this order, or go to the store, so long as you get 1% cash back (or whatever the card gives a buy-in), you can waive the 5% he receives Shop Discover or whatever page They have been used.


Source by Kali Y.

T-Shirt Printing – T-Shirt Fabric printing – Which is Best?


correct many types of textile screen printing, but only a few that make much sense when the wear-ability and cost. The most popular choice for modern cotton shirts, but the choice does not end with the taking of natural cotton plants more synthetic polyester or poly-cotton blend T-shirt. Combed cotton or semi combed cotton ring-spun, and an enzyme wash some of the differences that are the difference between silk-screened T-shirts and screen printed with your favorite T-shirt.

combed cotton

Cotton is a great choice t-shirt screen printing. Soft and strong, all the makings of a favorite t-shirt!

The fibers are thoroughly combed cotton carded and combed to lie in the same direction. The combing process removes dirt, impurities and shorter fibers resulting in less extraneous fibers protruding fibers. This means that a shirt made of combed cotton against your skin softer and less likely to fight and rip. It is with a great t-shirt printing, because the smooth fibers readily accept the screen printing ink. However, the extra processing that goes into spinning combed cotton yarn results in a more expensive fabric.

In terms of supply, the t-shirts are made of this material can be washed and dried normally, but dyed combed cotton may bleed over high heat.


T-shirts made of cotton Half a lot of great qualities sister, combed cotton, often at a lower cost. However, it is not as soft or as strong as they go through a shorter combing processes, so more of the short fibers is a rougher feel and less durability.

cotton candy Ring

Nowadays, most combed cotton found in high quality T-shirts and linen materials is usually a ring spun process. The result is a soft, smooth textile, highly wearable and versatile comfort and elegance. “Ring spun” refers to the process by which the carded and combed cotton fibers then become electric spinning frames.

in the cotton into a specified number of “Hanks” and then twisted or braided around each other. Number Hanks rolled a thread called “layer”, both Hanks and two-layer, three-Hanks and a 4-layer, etc. Some common alternatives open ring-spun cotton candy in Hungary at the end of braided fibers which are more of a terry cloth items like towels and bathrobes, and fewer T-shirts . The texture of open end spun fiber is not suited to screen printing t-shirt or quality. Other varieties include air jet spun, compact ring spun, friction spun, and spun Siro.

Your T-shirt screen printing needs, we recommend sticking to ring spun combed cotton!


many uses enzymes when it comes to textiles, including cleaning, finishing and texturing effects. Enzyme-washed T-shirt is that it seems completely worn right off the shelf. An enzyme wash to loosen the paint fabric and create a faded appearance and a softer feel without compromising strength. The great thing about enzymes is that since they are produced by living organisms, they are environmentally friendly and economical alternative to traditional industrial textile treatments.

enzymes used in the garment, is normally produced in the shirt, but before it is screened, and effectively breaks the dye molecules are smaller, then wash. This means that instead of another chemical substance, to pull out the toner that has a higher softness and less is that factory odd smell, and the binding force of greater ink screen printing.


Source by Joel J Taylor